Tanzania - today

 "Green Hills of Africa" is a little Resort in Usa River. It contains a public Restaurant with Sports Bar, a 20m long Swimming Pool, a small Hotel, and several entertainment amenities. The Resort is set in a spacious tropical park surrounded by romantic stonewalls. Green lawns  extend under majestic trees that are lining the Ndurumanga River. The Resort is a lively meeting point for international tourists, residents, business travellers and volunteers.

The name refers to the autobiographic book by Ernest Hemingway who came toTanzania for a hunting safari at Lake Manyara in 1934. A difficult book to read when it comes to the killings of so many animals that we desperately protect nowadays. Nevertheless, the story refers to the history of the Resort, which used to be a trophy workshop from where hunting trophies were shipped all around the world. We chose this title, as it is synonymous of the several facets that make up of Tanzania today. While the book reminds of long gone times, our spirit is deeply rooted in the fascinating Tanzania of today. Our guest rooms are chic in a contemporary way - a bit stylish, yet pragmatic. The beauty of the tropical park is breathtaking, the WiFi is fast and the Restaurant serves menus up to international standards. Where would Hemmingway enjoy his sundowner today? Maybe at our verandah by the river and certainly he would carry a camera instead of a rifle.